Fainting Goats for Sale in Western Washington

2021 babies will be born from February through April and be available about ten weeks later.  We have not had good luck with reservations, so we are not doing that. All of last year's babies are sold, but you can see them below.  We disbud the horned goats.

2020 Babies:   There were six boys (wethers) and one doeling.  The boys were $200 and the girl is $400.‚Äč
Snowflake.  The world's friendliest goat.  Born 3/16/20.  Wether  SOLD
Cappuccino.  Disbudded wether born 3/27/20 SOLD
Yang.  Polled wether.  Born 4/11/20 SOLD
Sox and Blue.  Born 3/16/20  Both boys--to be wethers. SOLD
Latte.  Disbudded wether born 3/27/20 SOLD
Yin.  Polled doeling.  Born 4/11/20 SOLD
Yin and Yang.