Fainting Goats for Sale in Western Washington

2020 Babies are here!  Two are gone, but seven are unspoken for.  There are six boys (wethers) and one doeling.  The boys are $200 and the girl is $400.‚Äč
Snowflake.  The world's friendliest goat.  Born 3/16/20.  Wether  SOLD
Cappuccino.  Disbudded wether born 3/27/20 SOLD
Yang.  Polled wether.  Born 4/11/20 SOLD
Sox and Blue.  Born 3/16/20  Both boys--to be wethers. SOLD
Latte.  Disbudded wether born 3/27/20 SOLD
Yin.  Polled doeling.  Born 4/11/20 SOLD
Yin and Yang.